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Florida Hockey Center Training Video #1

by Yannick Tessier posted 02/03/2014
Welcome to Florida Hockey Center
Welcome to Florida Hockey Center (FHC).

We are a synthetic ice arena located in South Florida.  The purpose for our facility is dedicated to youth hockey development and training. FHC uses Super-Glide®based ice. A hockey puck will glide across the Super-Glide® surface just as fast as on ice.

One of the main advantages of synthetic ice is the low initial capital cost for the facility and the on-going maintenance costs.  This allows us to operate our facility at lower costs, passing on the savings to the end consumer. Other advantages include the resistance training players will go through in their skating development on this ice.

By being a small family run operation, we can offer our facility during peak times when other local ice arena's are full due to travel hockey, house leagues and public skating.  It is our goal to allow a family the time and availability to train when it fits their schedule best, including weekends and evenings.  No longer will you have to rush your children out of school directly to the local rink for a lesson that is limited between 3 pm - 5 pm. 

Now you can enjoy our facility at your leisure and convenience.

by posted 01/13/2014
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